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Becky Hickman Advocates for Tiya Miles

Becky Hickman Advocates for Tiya Miles Picture

All That She Carried, by Tiya Miles, is a beautifully written account of a history that needs to be told. Miles’ writing is profound, and from page one the reader knows that extensive, and certainly heart wrenching, research was done to bring the stories of a dark past to the forefront. Tracing the lineage of three Black women from slavery to freedom, while intermingling other documented accounts and stories, one cannot help experience strong visceral emotions as the pages convey the desperation, struggle, and brutality faced by Black people. Yet, all the while, the story of Ruth, Ashley and Rose is a testament to the power of love and the innate need to protect loved ones. Ashley’s sack is a tangible reminder that the strength of love can transcend decades.