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Charity Grace Advocates for Ben Shattuck

Charity Grace Mofsen Advocates for Ben Shattuck Picture

Ben Shattuck’s Six Walks: In the Footsteps of Henry David Thoreau takes readers on a journey like none other—except maybe one other. As Ben retraces the steps of Henry David Thoreau, camping under clear night skies, meeting interesting people along the way, he experiences a sort of “old world” that many of us never take the time, or have the time to know.

“No matter how crowded our lives feel, the old ways haven’t entirely disappeared.”

These are the “old ways” that I can abide by: long walks in Nature, reminiscing and reconnecting with family rituals, sitting in silence as I watch egrets strut and listen to the subtle stirring of Long Ponds water. And while not nearly as majestic as Walden Pond—what, with Mount Madaket in the distance?—it’s still a peaceful place to pause on my journey.

Always a journey, sometimes a trip, Six Walks has inspired me to not only walk more, but truly explore and embrace a child-like sense of wonder at the natural world around me. Give it a read, go for a walk, rediscover the old ways.