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Jack Fritsch Advocates for Louise Penny

Jack Fritsch Advocates for Louise Penny Picture

I discovered Louise Penny by accident, not as an award-winning author of mysteries or as a New York Times best-seller, but while I was researching literature written in or about Quebec (my mother’s entire family are old Québécois). It was love at first read. Louise is a beautiful, evocative writer who creates a magical sense of place while deeply exploring personalities and behavior, tackling heavy issues and morality head on. Her Armand Gamache mystery series set in “Three Pines” is a unique treasure in modern literature not bound by any one genre, and her one recent departure into the realm of political espionage and thriller was a daring and well-crafted exploration of the great “what ifs” of the international landscape of the past dozen years or so… bold but someone needed to do it!

Her first appearance here was a highlight of the Nantucket Book Festival. I am delighted that Louise will be joining us again this year for our 10th Anniversary Book Festival!