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Janet Forest Advocates for Jami Attenberg

Janet Forest Advocates for Jami Attenberg Picture

Jami Attenberg’s latest novel, All This Could Be Yours, is a wonderfully crafted tale of family dysfunction that makes you laugh out loud on one page, cringe with familiarity on the next and sigh with compassion as each family member’s secrets are revealed.

Switching from one character’s perspective to another’s, the story takes place over the course of a single day, at the beginning of which, the patriarch of the family collapses from a heart attack. While he lies in a hospital bed on the brink of death, his wife, children and grandchildren all begin to process their grief (or lack thereof) in different ways.

There was something deliciously voyeuristic about having insight into every individual’s past experiences and watching them collide over misunderstandings and long-held assumptions.

“‘A toast to family,’ Alex had said and raised her glass. It wasn’t a lie. Somewhere else there was a perfectly normal, connected family. Cheers to them. Not to these rotten times.”

If you revel in stories that offer up complexity, humor and poignancy, All This Could Be Yours!