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Joshua Gray Advocates for Crocker Snow

Joshua Gray Advocates for Crocker Snow Picture

Crocker Snow was raised to appreciate a good adventure.

His father purchased the island of Muskeget for $12,000 in 1949 and used it as a hunting and fishing retreat throughout Crocker’s childhood. At nine years old, his father flew his small plane to the dirt airstrip that served as the island’s “airport”, dropping off him and his friend for a few hours of fishing, promising he’d be back to pick them up.

According to an interview Crocker did with the Vineyard Gazette a year ago, his father did end up retrieving him, and the island remains his adventurous respite to this day, a place he gets out to three or four times a year. These days, the Nantucket Land Bank co-owns/manages the 250 acres that make up Muskeget, and beyond the single camp that now occupies the landscape (there were six others at various points over the years that have been claimed by a series of hurricanes and perpetual high winds), little occupies the island besides scrub oak and wildlife. The largest creatures he shares the space with are the resurgent grey seals, which now number in the thousands, after near eradication during the first half of the 20th Century.

Found at the western-most point of Nantucket, Muskeget is an island not many Nantucketers know much about. Muskeget: Raw, Restless, Relentless Island is the study of a place devoid of human touch, a tiny microcosm of nature at its most wild, and a story all of us should read.