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Josh Grey Advocates for Martín Espada

Joshua Gray Advocates for Martín Espada Picture

As we traverse our way through some of the most troubling times in modern history, both from the effects of the pandemic as well as the cultural and political decline of the United States, a voice like Martin Espada’s cuts like a razor-sharp knife through the layers of our collective apathy, especially as it relates to race and human rights. His carefully crafted words in his latest collection of poems called “Floaters” (a sickening reference used by some border agents to describe those who’ve perished trying to cross the Rio Grande into the United States), creates a visceral experience for the reader while confronting the bigotry and outright racism built into the American experiment. A Pulitzer finalist and winner of many prestigious prizes and fellowships, Martin Espada is one of the most important poets alive. Fellow poet Cyrus Cassells called Espada “a fierce activist in verse, decrying, with accuracy and urgency, the depravity of inhumane detention and acute bigotry. One of America’s most indelible voices, as always, Espada’s poetry is lionhearted.”