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Kitty Pochman Advocates for David Wallace-Wells

Kitty Pochman Advocates for David Wallace-Wells Picture

Nantucket has long been a resilient community. Historically, we have weathered many storms and come back; the great fire of 1846, the end of the whaling industry, countless hurricanes, and multiple changes to the island economy. Our next and most dangerous threat, global climate change, will require a new level of resiliency and adaptation in the coming decades changing life as we know it. Predicted sea level rise, erosion, shifting sands, and other climate change-related impacts are now testing the island’s resiliency in ways never imagined. Not only will our community need to be resilient, but so will our infrastructure, economy, natural environment, and the rest of island life.

In preparing for resiliency, we need to know what future we are planning for. In his new book, The Uninhabitable Earth, author David Wallace-Wells describes, in stark detail, earth’s potential future if we don’t take drastic action. This impassioned rallying cry charges us all to make significant changes in order to avoid catastrophe – when life as we know it, both on and off our tiny island, will never be the same.