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Liz Schaeffer Advocates for Sarah M. Broom

Liz Schaeffer Advocates for Sarah Broom Picture

The Yellow House, by Sarah M. Broom, paints a deeply layered portrait of love, family, dreams, and the house that becomes the defining structure of its inhabitants. This shotgun house, in East New Orleans, threatens to tear its inhabitants apart, yet manages to hold them together, even as NASA pulls out, and Katrina, with its unimaginable devastation, sweeps through. Memoir, with a history lesson thrown in, The Yellow House made me think about the profound connections we make to where we are born and raised, to those who are with us along the journey, and, of course, to the buildings that house our spirit and frame who we become. Pick up a copy, and explore all the rooms that fill Sarah M. Broom’s house and heart with emotions from respect and adoration to just plain shame.