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Mary Bergman Advocates for Greer Hendricks

Mary Bergman Advocates for Greer Hendricks Picture

Powerhouse writing team Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen deliver yet again with The Golden Couple. Each writer’s style shines in this propulsive, collaborative novel. When wealthy Washington suburbanites Marrisa and Matthew Bishop seek out unorthodox (and unlicensed) therapist, Avery Chambers, to soothe their marital woes, all is not what it seems. There’s a lot more than just a marriage at stake. These characters are so true-to-life, you will be thinking of them long after the final twist is revealed.

Greer Henricks, a Nantucket summer resident, spent 20 years as an editor at Simon & Schuster before co-authoring four best-selling novels. Catch Greer in conversation with thriller writer Scott Turow and WCAI’s Mindy Todd for a fascinating look at mysteries, on and off the page.