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Maureen Bousa Advocates for Holly Ruth Finigan

Maureen Fennessy Bousa Advocates for Holly Ruth Finigan Picture

Memoirs can take many forms....but this memoir Wholeheartedly is marked by the searing authenticity of Holly Ruth Finigan's voice.

Holly shares unstintingly of her backstory, bringing the reader along on her journey of self discovery. At times tragic, at times exhilarating, with humor and insight....along with a huge dose of bravery in recounting tales that are truly difficult.

The portrait drawn is one of a real human being, grappling with the pressures of our current time (navigating the ever-evolving murky waters of social media) and confronting life's inevitable tragedies (the death of a mother). Moments of wisdom & clarity will stop you in your tracks:

'What is the purpose of life? The purpose of life is to live!'

'Our most important connection is to the one inside of us, the connection to our Innernet.'

Holly has long been considered a legend of sorts on Nantucket....from celebrity bartender to blACKbook creator...but perhaps her greatest superpower is her 'relatability' which she has harnessed in Wholeheartedly. Through her storytelling, Holly opens the door for readers along a path of self discovery - illuminating the way to acceptance and healing love of true self. Brava!