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Mimi Schlichter Advocates for Elin Hilderbrand

Mimi Schlichter Advocates for Elin Hilderbrand Picture

I'm writing this on the first truly warm spring day of 2019. And it serves to makes summer feel that much closer that I have an advanced copy of Elin Hildebrand's newest - Summer of '69 - as my companion today. Elin and beach reading - well, they just go hand in hand, don't they?

If you enjoyed watching Mad Men you will LOVE this book! We're back in the '60s, complete with so many of the things that were thought of as 'normal' then, that we now look back on with fond nostalgia (and sometimes a little bit of horror - like pregnant women smoking and drinking to bring down their blood pressure!)

It's a fun ride, full of everything you look for in an Elin Hildebrand novel. Juicy (and thoughtful) romance, well crafted characters, and summer fun - on Nantucket, in all your familiar haunts, and Martha's Vineyard as well.

Be forewarned. If you haven't booked your summer island travel yet, you will want to as soon as you read this! Though you'll have to wait until June 18 when it is officially released.

Better yet - attend the Nantucket Book Festival, where you may be among the first to hear Elin talk in person about Summer of '69. Tickets are limited for her luncheon on June 13, so buy your ticket today!

Just remember to pack your sunscreen, flip flops, and bell bottoms...