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Ryder Ziebarth Advocates for Robert Cocuzzo

Ryder Ziebarth Advocates for Robert Cocuzzo Picture

A modern memoir for all time, Rob Cocuzzo writes with tremendous heart on heritage, home and family. Expertly entwining complex historical context into all three themes, 32 year-old Cocuzzo plants the reader firmly on the back of his bike and wings us down a steep physical and mental cycling pilgrimage along with his 64 year-old father, through Central and Southeast Italy, to discover who he is and what he is made of. By journey's end both reader and author are profoundly fulfilled by their discoveries, both historical, personal and universal. Written with Cocuzzo's trademark dose of personal humility, the reader shares tears and laughter in equal measure through-out this colorful journey, as the author searches for his own truths and personal beliefs. I read this (grateful for an unseasonably cold fall day) because I couldn't bear to put it down once I began. I absolutely loved it.