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Tess de Alberdi Advocates for Dave Cullen

Tess de Alberdi Advocates for Dave Cullen Picture

Dave Cullen's Parkland candidly portrays the journey of several teens as they mobilize after a school shooting tragedy into activism. At Fairwinds—Nantucket's Counseling Center, we believe in the power of transformation after grief, loss, and trauma. This book pulls back the curtain on how the young Parkland teens survived, found hope, and harnessed their outrage to fight for gun reform and become catalysts to create a better, saner, safer future.

Cullen’s masterful book is a testament to courage, conviction, and post-traumatic growth. The students transformed themselves from vulnerable to venerable by channeling their experience and principles into a meaningful mission to create social change. Though difficult to read at times, this book is a moving account of a grassroots #neveragain movement that started in pain and is still ongoing, continuing to create change and inspire others.