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Tharon Dunn Advocates for Natalie Jacobson

Tharon Dunn Advocates for Natalie Jacobson Picture

Every Life a Story: Natalie Jacobson Reporting lives up to its title and exceeds our expectations. Jacobson’s memoir gives us more than one big story that gives a life meaning. There is the story of the child of immigrants, born Natalie Salatich of Serbian descent, she came from hard working parents and little early expectation as a girl, of advancing to higher education. As did her father, who rose from cab driver to president of Gillette North America, she showed the determination to set a path, follow it and rise to the top in her career, 40 years spent in broadcast television.

There is more to her story than the memoir of success following modest beginnings. There is the witness to the world of broadcast news in years gone by, insight of sensitive reporting from someone more like friend than professional, a concept we often seem to have lost sight of in the tumultuous and divisive times we live in now. Generations of viewers will remember Natalie and her husband and co-anchor Chet Curtis of NewsCenter 5 on WCVB-TV. Some now may not remember that in those days reporters could be part of family life in their familiarity and congeniality. Natalie Jacobson says presciently, “This book is as much your story as it is mine. We reporters were there to give you information that was accurate, information to help you make informed decisions. We invited you to be part of it and you were. I used to hope when you tuned in to our newscast, you took a deep breath and relaxed, feeling you were among friends. You were home. I hope this book brings you the same comfort.”

Reading her memoir, we are enveloped in a life well lived, a life of achievement and success and a life that contributed to the understanding we all crave of history in the making, problems arising and being solved that affect all our lives and state of mind.