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The Nantucket Book Festival Presents

At Home With Authors

At a time like this, we need voices like these. The Nantucket Book Foundation & Festival presents memorable conversations and time-sensitive takeaways with our 2020 authors, and a growing roster of great writers.

All This Could Be Yours Cover Picture

All This Could Be Yours

Jami Attenberg’s latest novel, All This Could Be Yours, is a wonderfully crafted tale of family dysfunction that makes you laugh out loud on one page, cringe with familiarity on the next and sigh with compassion as each family member’s secrets are revealed.

When My Time Comes Cover Picture

When My Time Comes

In When My time Comes, Diane Rehm confronts one of the hardest questions our aging population faces : Whether those who are dying should have the right to determine when life should end. In her customary thoughtful and inquisitive manner, Rehm offers conversations with the dying, their loved ones, and with those who agree and those who disagree about the right to determine the time of ones own death when life loses viability and becomes all about suffering.

How Beautiful We Were Cover Picture

How Beautiful We Were

There are times this book is so humorous that I was laughing out loud at a character's words or actions, and there were times that I had to put the book down for a moment to reflect on its sadness. In my opinion, that makes a perfect book. It fuels your emotional spectrum and makes you, feel.

A Thousand Leagues of Blue Cover Picture

A Thousand Leagues of Blue

Betsy Tyler is one of Nantucket's finest historians. She is adept at untangling the most difficult historical mysteries and has dedicated her career to making Nantucket's history more accessible to readers.

It is Wood, It is Stone Cover Picture

It is Wood, It is Stone

Burnham’s vision is clear and richly crafted, an inviting, intriguing narrative that transported me--as only a skilled novelist can do--from a grey New England day to the tastes, music, and landscape of a lush, faraway world. A quick, but richly layered read! 

Leading Men Cover Picture

Leading Men

For me, this story was exciting and full of carefully described scenes. I felt like I was there... or I wished I had been!