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The Nantucket Book Festival Presents

At Home With Authors™

At a time like this, we need voices like these. The Nantucket Book Foundation & Festival presents memorable conversations and time-sensitive takeaways with our 2020 authors, and a growing roster of great writers.

Tiny Takes Cover Picture

Tiny Takes

Too busy for a deep conversation with a great author? Sample them here, a minute at a time.

Muskeget's Man Cover Picture

Muskeget's Man

A new book release during a pandemic is a colorful affair when the author is Crocker Snow Jr. We caught up with Crocker at Mitchell's Book Corner to talk about Muskeget: Raw, Restless, Relentless Island.

Historians on Speed Dial Cover PictureHistorians on Speed Dial Hover Picture

Historians on Speed Dial

Nathaniel Philbrick explores terrifying moments in American history to shed light on 2020.

Video & Podcast28min
Channeling Frederick Douglass on July 4th Cover Picture

Channeling Frederick Douglass on July 4th

"What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?" is acclaimed as the greatest speech by one of the greatest orators in America's history. Listen to this 10 minute tour de force to understand why.

Video & Podcast10min
Tear it Down? Cover Picture

Tear it Down?

What's a better monument to freedom: that statue of Lincoln in Washington, DC, or the Frederick Douglass speech about Lincoln at the statue's unveiling? Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David Blight offers us a third way in this 18 minute journey to 1876.

Video & Podcast18min
Introducing Michael O'Donnell Cover Picture

Introducing Michael O'Donnell

Daniel Weiss, CEO of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, finds the poetry in one soldier's life and captures a portrait of the Vietnam era with his new book, In That Time.

Video & Podcast48min