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Kitty Pochman advocates for Sylvia Earle Cover Picture

Kitty Pochman advocates for Sylvia Earle

May 24, 2019 by Kitty PochmanArticle

“With every breath we take, every drop of water we drink, we are dependent on the existence of Earth’s living ocean. These are assets worth protecting as if our lives depend on them, because in no small measure, they do.” Sylvia Earle

There is magic and substantial beauty in the ocean. For more than six decades Dr. Sylvia Earle, Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society and known fondly as “Her Deepness,” has been a vocal and passionate advocate for the greatest asset on our planet – the oceans. Her expeditions have taken her around the globe, diving in all five of the world’s oceans, reaching into the depths – literally immersed in her work. She advocates for protecting this essential resource, the “blue heart” of Planet Earth, yet remains optimistic that we can safeguard our marine ecosystems.

By virtue of living on Nantucket we have an intimate relationship with the ocean. Coastlines and coastal communities are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change on our oceans. Pick up your own copy of Blue Hope and be mesmerized by the spectacular photographs reminding us that we too must care for the magnificent ocean resources. And join Dr. Sylvia Earle at the Nantucket Book Festival to hear her inspiring message of hope.