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Tiny Takes

August 12, 2020 by Nantucket Book Festival • At Home With Authors1min

Nancy Thayer: A Granddaughter's Debut (53 seconds)

Nancy Thayer: A Normal Family (1 minute)

Nancy Thayer: The Bipolar Factor (54 seconds)

Nancy Thayer: A Daughter's Take (46 seconds)

Gabriella Burnham's Debut: The Journey (54 seconds)

Alice Hoffman on Writer's Block (1 minute)

Alice Hoffman on Evil (39 seconds)

Alice Hoffman: How Reading Saved Her Life (31 Seconds)

With current events moving at a breakneck pace, we have historians on speed dial. Nathaniel Philbrick, author of eleven books covering a wide span of Nantucket and American history, weighs in on this seismic moment in our nation.

Nat Philbrick: When Washington Burned (55 seconds)

Nat Philbrick: Nantucket in Terrifying Times (58 seconds)

Nat Philbrick: The Era of Good Feeling (47 seconds)

Sarah Broom: Proverbs (56 seconds)

If you've listened to our full conversation with Sarah Broom here, you already know what a powerful and captivating speaker she is. But if you only have a minute, listen to her reveal how she developed that superpower.

Mitchell Jackson, author of Survival Math, on the rage of Black Americans and reimagining the economic pie.

Rage for Good (44 seconds)

Reimagine the Pie (49 seconds)

For the full conversation between Mitchell Jackson and Mary Haft click here.