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Jennifer Carlson

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Jennifer Carlson, Ph.D., CEM® is a New England emergency management expert, facilitator, speaker, trainer, university faculty member, writing professional, and author of Write Your Story: A Self-Start, Write Your Own Biography and Exploring the Professionalization of Emergency [Disaster] Management.  For over 20 years, she has dedicated her life in service to the emergency management field, deploying on disasters from hurricane Katrina to the Boston Marathon bombings through the American Red Cross and the State of Massachusetts and working as faculty and teaching staff for emergency management courses and workshops and Homeland Security content at MIT for FEMA, the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Eastern Kentucky University, and at other locations across the country while deployed. Her book, Write Your Own Story! contains questions, quotes, and resources to allow you, the reader, to immerse yourself in content with the intention of surfacing your own memories and writing the story of your life.

Write your story!
What if you wrote it all down? What if—in writing your experiences and sharing them—you begin letting go…of all of those good memories that you wish to share or not-so-good memories you're trying to forget? Only you know what you wish to share. That was until now. Questions, quotes, and resources are contained in this self-start, easy-to-read, write your own biography, which allows you, the reader, to immerse themselves in content with the intention of surfacing their own memories and writing the story of their life. Dr. Carlson's courageous life story is recounted in a way that supports and encourages others to write their own.