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Author Fun Facts

June 12, 2018 by Nantucket Book Festival
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Do you know that...

Min Jin Lee cannot drive nor ride a bicycle.

When Linda Fairstein married in 2014, eloping to her home on Martha’s Vineyard, she and her new husband cruised to Nantucket for their honeymoon.

Eileen Myles runs every morning with her dog and stops when she is done.

Jessica Bruder was the unwitting mule for the entirety of Snowden’s leaked NSA archive, which came via mail to her Brooklyn apartment (not kidding: check it out here)

John Boyne can recite the alphabet backwards in 5 seconds.

Jane Alexander is a passionate birder, traveling the world to see and protect them.

Dorothea Benton Frank is descended from Thomas Hart Benton, the American painter, and she too dabbles in painting!

Louise Penny is registered as a saint in the Universal Life Church.

Anna Badkhen worked as a deckie and a shipwright’s apprentice in Senegal, and can milk a cow.

Andrew Solomon writes in bed, usually listening to a single track on infinite repeat.

Claire Messud writes her novels by hand on graph paper.

Woody Tasch was once introduced at an event in Sundance Village as “the only venture capitalist in the United States that uses a composting toilet.”

Diane Ackerman has a molecule named after her —dianeackerone. It’s a sex pheromone in crocodilians.

Joe Hagan plays the ukulele.

James Wood is a drummer and trumpet player.

The Replacements is Nat Philbrick’s favorite band.

The Typewriter Rodeo owns probably 50 typewriters!