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Friday June 14, 11:00am—11:45am Atheneum Great Hall

Mystery Panel: The Art of Great Story Telling - Cherie Burns, Steve Axelrod and Blue Balliett with Nancy Thayer

Mystery authors Steve Axelrod, Blue Balliett, and Cherie Burns take very different paths in telling their stories. In Nantucket Counterfeit, Axelrod gives us a poetry-writing police chief. Balliett’s Out of the Wild Night is a provocative mystery combined with historic preservation, melding ghostly tales with modern adventure. Cherie Burns, Diving for Starfish--The Jeweler, The Actress, The Heiress and One of the World's Most Alluring Pieces of Jewelry, tells a masterful detective story in the process of tracing the history of a famous gem. Nancy Thayer, author of 31 novels about the mysteries and romance of family and relationships, is well placed to link these three great storytellers.