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Saturday June 18, 8:00pm—9:30pm Chicken Box

Rock Bottom Remainders Concert: General Admission

The Rock Bottom Remainders is a band that includes some of today’s most shining literary lights. Between them, they’ve published more than 150 titles, sold more than 350 million books, and been translated into more than 25 languages. But tonight, they’re rock stars – artist-access-only, laminate-wearing, security-escorted rock stars with roadies and groupies. Four ringers help them out: drummer Josh Kelly, Erasmo Paolo on saxophone, Sam Barry on harmonica, and Janine Sabino on vocals. Hailed by critics as having “one of the world highest ratios of noise to talent,” the Remainders have no music videos, no record contract, no Grammy® nominations—but do have over 159,000 hits on Google. Buy Tickets