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K.A. Holt

K.A. Holt was the Nantucket Book Foundation's Visiting Author to Cyrus Peirce Middle School in April 2022.

Kari Anne Holt is the award-winning author of many middle grade novels-in-verse including Ben Bee and the Teacher Griefer, Redwood & Ponytail, Knockout, House Arrest, and Rhyme Schemer. She is also the author of From You to Me, Gnome-a-geddon, and several other books for young readers, including I Wonder, a picture book illustrated by Kenard Pak. Kari Anne lives in Austin, TX.

Kaley Kokomoor, incoming NBF Executive Director, attended the event with a packed auditorium of enthusiastic students and teachers.
"K.A. Holt's presentation to the middle schoolers of Cyrus Peirce and the Nantucket New School was full of movement and energy," shares Kaley.
"Just as she does in her novels in verse (which she writes, in part, for the large amount of white space poems leave on a page, encouraging even reluctant readers to pick up a book), K.A. connected with her audience around universal feelings of frustration, self-doubt, and the process of figuring out what you are good at and passionate about - then using those talents for good! Nantucket students had more questions for K.A. about her life and her novels than she had time to answer, but they were able to catch up with her throughout the morning in small group sessions in the library and as K.A. signed books for her many fans."

"K. A. Holt’s visit was not only inspiring, but also entertaining. She was able to get up on stage and share her biggest mistakes and greatest accomplishments. I liked her presentation a lot. I am very excited about her next book, and I think that our school would love to have her again."~ Emy Browers, 6th grader at CPS

"As a CPS student, I really enjoyed the visit from K.A. Holt. It was really interesting to get personal insights into her books. For example, I got to hear about what inspired baby Levi in House Arrest. And just hearing her talk was interesting! She had a great stage presence! I loved her books and I loved her visit!"~ Avery Bell, 8th grader at CPS

"Having K.A Holt visit our school was amazing. K.A. was super friendly and interactive with everyone and honestly seemed happy to be here. She was down to earth and funny and hearing about how she didn’t immediately start off strong felt real and true. It also gave motivation to anyone considering becoming a writer or starting something with doubts that in the end, it will be worth it. All of K.A’s books are well written and exciting. Her writing format in House Arrest and Knockout makes the books easy to read and fun. When meeting with her in a small group she wasn’t hesitant to speak more in depth about her process and how her books carried parts of her life that meant a lot to her. K.A is someone great to look up to and was the best!"~ Keepa Dangol, 8th grader at CPS

Special thanks to Middle School Librarian and NBF Board Member Becky Hickman for all her work on these author visits. Becky reports, "Kari Anne Holt was such a joy to host as this year's CPS Guest Author. Ms. Holt was definitely a student favorite, as she candidly spoke about her books and her life. She was entertaining, honest, real, and a true pleasure to be around. Students, and staff alike, came away feeling inspired by her stories of successes and failures. Her small group sessions were well attended, and the students asked sincere questions, to which Kari Anne was receptive and thoughtful with her responses."

Students with KA Holt's books

KA Holt on stage