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Annye Camara Advocates for Hernan Diaz

Annye Camara Advocates for Hernan Diaz Picture

Trust, a novel by two-time Pulitzer-Prize finalist Hernan Diaz, is a breathtaking novel. For so many reasons, it is my favorite read of the year: the prose (he has a gift), the historical plot is well-researched and the details of the period are stunning: the mansion, the artwork, the flowers, the dresses, and the characters, some decent and others selfish and mercenary(Dickens-worthy, and more).

The book is based on a real event, the financial Crash of the last century. The story, about a financier and his wife, is unfolded in four parts, which enhances the the plot and the suspense, a look at the era and its norms, and introduces a journalist. A truth is revealed (and confirmed) but only by accident, at the very end. As I wrote at the beginning of this post, it is a breathtaking novel. Trust me.