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A Thousand Leagues of Blue Cover Picture

A Thousand Leagues of Blue

March 16, 2020 by Mary BergmanArticle

Betsy Tyler is one of Nantucket's finest historians. She is adept at untangling the most difficult historical mysteries and has dedicated her career to making Nantucket's history more accessible to readers. A Thousand Leagues of Blue is no different. Here, Betsy tells the tale of Susan Veeder, a Nantucket woman who lived on a whaleship for more than four years, and her husband Charles. Susan kept an illustrated journal of her journey, a rare record that allows Tyler (and us!) to peek into the past. Susan's life was anything but ordinary. A Thousand Leagues of Blue delves into the rich archives of the Nantucket Historical Association and explores a topic unknown to many--the life of the rare woman who saw, firsthand, the grizzly world of whaling. A Thousand Leagues of Blue illustrates the unraveling of the domestic world of the Veeders, and the real toll the whaling industry had on families. A true tale told masterfully.