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David Rohde: In Deep Cover Picture

David Rohde: In Deep

May 17, 2020 by Michael SchulderAt Home With Authors55min

A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist on his investigation into the “deep state,” and how he calculates risks and rewards.

David Rohde is not fearless. He takes risks. Calculated risks.

Rohde took a calculated risk when he was a 28-year-old-reporter in Bosnia, headed out on his own, and uncovered the first physical evidence of the massacre of seven-thousand Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica.

A decade later, Rohde took a calculated risk in Afghanistan. He was seeking an interview with a Taliban commander for an upcoming book.

Rohde was taken hostage and held captive for more than seven months.

While in captivity, Rohde learned that his captors believed he was part of a conspiracy against Islam. So it’s fascinating that now, more than a decade later, Rohde set off to investigate a conspiracy theory here at home.

The theory that a “deep state” of government bureaucrats controls U.S. policy and is secretly trying to undermine this president, is being promulgated by the right. If anyone can be trusted to dig deeply, and fairly, into a politically polarizing issue, it’s David Rohde. How can we know?

You can begin by watching our conversation about his new book, In Deep, above -- or listening below. Low risk – big reward.

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