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Alice Hoffman

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Alice Hoffman wrote her first novel, Property Of, when she was 21 and a Mirrielees Fellow at the Stanford University Creative Writing Center. She has since written over 30 books, including the novels Blackbird House, The Red Garden, and The Dovekeepers, books for young adults, such as Aquamarine and Green Witch, and several books for children. Aquamarine and the novel Practical Magic were both made into films, and she was the screenwriter for the 1983 film Independence Day. Her 1997 novel Here on Earth was selected for Oprah’s Book Club. Regarding Alice's latest novel The Rules of Magic, Kirkus Review writes, “The Owens sisters are back—not in their previous guise as elderly aunties casting spells in Hoffman’s occult romance Practical Magic (1995), but as fledgling witches in the New York City captured in Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids… No one’s more confident or entertaining than Hoffman at putting across characters willing to tempt fate for true love.”

Photo credit: Deborah Feingold