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Holly Ruth Finigan

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Holly Ruth Finigan is an author, entrepreneur, and meditation advocate. She teaches people through her words and her multi-layered communication skills how to feel empowered through Self-love and healing relationships with parents. Holly always begins by letting people know that the first and most important relationship to heal is the one they have with their Self.

Holly studied English/Journalism at the University of New Hampshire. She has written blogs and lived around the world, yet always comes home to the island of Nantucket. It was on this “Grey Lady” in 2012 that she founded her first company, The Nantucket blACKbook, a platform for teaching brands and businesses to rely on advocacy over advertising for successful digital marketing.

Holly is a free spirit and yet she is rigid about just two things in her life: daily gratitude lists and her meditation ritual. She considers every day she wakes up to be the best day of her life.

Wholeheartedly: The One You Want To Find Is You is her first book.