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In his career, award-winning journalist Crocker Snow has earned an NPR radio prize and two Pulitzer Prize nominations.  He was founding editor of The World Paper and director of the Edward R. Murrow Center at the Fletcher School at Tufts University.  He has published three books: Muskeget: Raw, Restless, Relentless Island in 2015 (soon to be updated with new charts and photos), and The Mouse that Owns an Island in 2016, addressing sea rise effects on this small island off Nantucket. His latest book Nantaska: The Minnow and the Whale, published in 2018 with Inupiak photographer Brian Adams, captures surprising parallels in the life and times of Nantucket and Alaska today, two places that the author knows well.


"The Curious Parallel Lives of Nantucket and Alaska" -- Written with Alaskan Inupiak photographer Brian Adams, captures surprising parallels in the lifestyles, community, commerce and culture of Nantucket and Alaska today, two seemingly distinct places, yet each well-known to the author through family, friends, travel and his own lifelong relationships to each of these very diverse geographical locations.


"Tiny Vole - Tiny Island - Rising Seas" --- Quirky, humorous illustrations punctuate critical climate-change effects on Nantucket's Muskeget Island, noting sea-rise fluctuations and other indicators as the "inconvenient truth," seen through the sharp eyes and knowledgeable mind of a small, near-extinct island mouse, the "Muskeget Vole," who narrates thoughout the story. A book for all ages, the drawings use flair and fun to capture our imaginations, yet to seriously educate us about how Muskeget reflects the larger global threat of changing climate, moving oceans, eroding coastlines and the menacing impact of altered climate on natural habitat.


Plunges the reader firmly into the heart of Muskeget Island, off Nantucket, owned by the author's family since 1947. Salt air and sandy beaches beckon, sweeping the reader into a world known only to Nantucket's almost-forgotten, wistful and much earlier days -- untouched, unknown and heaven-on-earth: the windy marshes, pristine shorelines, seagulls squawking, and jagged beachy coast. Text and photos, with Snow family legends and stories, lure us into the promise of a beautiful, real, but very raw world. As the natural history of the island unfolds, Crocker reveals his family's dedicated '"stewardship" over the decades to the abundant wildlife, flowing grasses, marsh foul, gray seals, wild ducks, and the rare, near-extinct, protected island mouse ("Muskeget Vole"), found only on this island & nowhere else in the world. Then -- the rumble! In recent years, gray seals have noisily over-dominated the island with gusto, fighting furiously, reproducing voluminously and living boldly. As they are protected by the Marine Mammal Act of 1972, the seals' aggressive population on the island has loomed into the thousands, damaging fragile flora and fauna, contaminating ponds, and most recently attracting dangerous white sharks to the Cape & island's coastal shores, all which perilously threaten human and animal life on the beaches & shorelines.